For over 39 years, my company has published books of all types for authors, artists, museums and galleries. 


We know what works in book publishing and what does not work. Our team has both started and run printing plants, shipping, trucking and delivery companies, as well as design and production facilities. It is through all this expertise that you can count on our company to bring your project to a successful completion.


We are not a traditional publishing company. Traditional book publishing pays the author a fixed royalty that is often not in line with what an author should be paid on book sales. Typically this is 10% to 15% per book.


We have taken what works in publishing and built a hybrid company whose success proves our business model.


Our company is structured differently in a more equitable way for author and publisher. We do not pay advances (amounts paid up front against future sales) with small royalties as stated above.


Instead, we pay a significantly higher profit to the author on each book sold.


For this we require an investment from the author. This investment varies and can best be discussed once we review your particular manuscript and content.


Our goal is always that the author and the publisher sell directly to the consumer as often as possible. We do expect the author to promote and sell their book.


ALL of our global expertise in the industry is available to you. 


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Lydia M. Inglett, CEO






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