Marketing Your Book - For the Individual Author



You are the best person to market your book, you wrote every word, can explain and expand on any point, and you were passionate enough about the subject to do all the work.


You will have an address book or contact list of clients, friends, family, people you have taught and people who have expressed an interest. In addition, you may belong to associations in your field. All these people are potential customers for your book and their email addresses have to be listed in an Excel spreadsheet ready for us to send out your emails.


Pre-sale is important. Once you have approved proofs you can start telling people the book is in print and available for purchase.

Once you have received your advance copies, you will want to begin arranging book signings in conjunction with an exhibition of your work, readings or demonstrations. Always check first when your book will be delivered, so that you can have copies available to sell at the events.

A press release will have to be prepared telling newspapers where and when you are signing copies or where they are available.

As far as possible, you should aim to sell the book directly, to save on bookseller or gallery commissions which can take up to half the retail price. You will need a credit card facility, if you don't already have one, take a look at Pay-Pal or other similar companies.

We have email systems to market to your list and will report how many have been opened, we can write and prepare press releases and we can produce your point of sale material. We can put your book on our upcoming book selling website, Starbooks, and Amazon as well.

You probably already have a website, where you will want to include a page for your book too. We will furnish you with the images to upload.

To get your sales target, take the total unit cost of your book away from its retail price to get a net profit. Then, divide the print run cost by the net profit and you have the number of sales you need to break even. The profit will come as you sell through.

Our goal is to make publishing your book a smooth and profitable process for you.




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