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Welcome to the World
of Beautiful Book Publishing

At the publishing house of Lydia Inglett Ltd Publishing and, we pride ourselves on 40-plus years of publishing expertise. This well-honed expertise, combined with our fresh creativity, market knowledge and presentation to the reader, delivers books that are both innovative, classic and above all beautiful and salable.


We set the standard for publishing lush, high-quality books that engage the reader from the first page to the last. Our passion and the demand for our books remains high in today’s culture of electronic information.

We have taken what works in publishing and built a company whose success proves our unique business model.

Development is key. Quality book publishing is much more than assembling words and images onto the page. It is pace, flow, readability and myriad other aspects that come into play to engage the reader.

As one of today’s top boutique publishers,
we work with authors artists, 
photographers, museums, galleries, and corporations to publish books that are not only beautiful and high quality, but books that make economic sense from concept to delivery.


Publisher Lydia Inglett and Author Eric Horan with advance copies of Beholding Nauture

Fine Book Publishing

We are not a traditional publisher. We are different. our hybrid business model provides turn-key, high-quality book publishing.


Although we do publish paperback reading books, we are known as experts for our hardcover, coffee table books on a wide variety of subjects. We are not a print on demand (POD) or consumer, a self-publishing company.


We generally publish a minimum of 1,000 books, however, most of our books go well beyond this quantity. We also publish special editions.


We listen, ask questions and carefully assess each book project for the best outcome for all parties. This means that you can be assured our book publishing will work for you.

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