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How We Work

We create the look and feel of your book based on a thorough review of your content. From there, we develop the content into a book that will give the reader an experience. With our development and tailor-made approach, we bring your content to life.


Our core commitment is to craft a publishing agreement and marketing plan that works to each party’s strengths and rewards both parties. Our sales staff, network of retail stores and our online bookstore, will present your book to our wide, ever-growing audience who know, recognize and respect our brand, our quality, and trust our books to make long-lasting and treasured gifts.


We are a nationally award-winning publisher that provides turnkey, high-quality book publishing.


For corporations, such as museums, galleries, branded retail outlets and others, we offer a turn-key solution that delivers a high-quality book with profit margins that are hard to beat in the industry.


Our four decades plus in the publishing industry means that we know how to publish your book to build a brand, further a cause and deliver a  successful book that is both beautiful and saleable. This is our mission and our commitment to you.


Whether an individual or corporation, utilizing our publishing expertise makes sense.


The benefits of utilizing our publishing company are many, and in our experience, the difference between a book that has been published by its author and one that has had the foundation and benefit of a high-level of expertise, such as ours, is more than significant.


The end product:

• is far more saleable,

• gives a significantly improved reader experience,
• commands a higher retail price point and
• properly honors the author’s vision.


Included here for the avoidance of doubt:

• The copyright in the material provided by you, both text and photographic, will remain your sole property

• The author will grant Lydia Inglett Publishing the exclusive right to publish the work.


Our first step is to sign a mutual non-disclosure letter, followed by fact gathering and vision discussions. With the signed publishing agreement and details confirmed, we then articulate the book style and the presentation to the reader.


We hope this helps you to understand how we work, and that it will help you make an informed choice in allowing us to be your publisher of choice.


We work in a combination of 3 ways: Individual Book Publishing, Publisher Sponsored, Joint Risk and Profit Share.


Are you ready to publish your book?


Visit our online bookstore

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