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We take testimonials very seriously at Lydia Inglett Ltd. We pride ourselves on publishing books of the utmost quality and we appreciate all of our authors and clients.

Here’s what they say about us –

“Working with Lydia Inglett’s company was an attractive idea from the start. From conception to finished design, we maintained a healthy exchange of ideas
and red lines, too.


Brainstorming about the title resulted in pronouncing a winner. Lydia was it, with her title, Beholding Nature. I am so glad to have had the chance to work with her publishing company, Starbooks, on my book project.”


Eric Horan, Author and Photographer

Beholding Nature

“Lydia Inglett Publishing has guided me through two books with a new book on its way. Each and every project has received great attention to detail and both books were sold out within one to one-and-a-half-years.


The publisher is always available to discuss projects and advantageous ways to market the books. It is a multi-faceted organization that easily accommodates various genres and creative personalities.”


Marge Agin, Photographer, Author

Bluffton Changing Tides and
What It Means To Be Here

“I can't say enough how thankful I am that was referred to Lydia Inglett. My neighbor had purchased a book published by Lydia Inglett Publishing on and he raved about its beauty and quality. He encouraged me to contact her to see if she would publish my cookbook.


She agreed to take on the project and created a book more beautiful than I could have imagined. The details, the design, the color choices, and layouts make it a coffee table quality cookbook!


It was a pleasure to work with her and the team throughout the entire process.


Thank you Lydia!”


Katie Choy

Author, Family Secrets, Experience the flavors of Peru!

“From concept to design to finished product, The Beauty of Beaufort is a handsome book about our historic Lowcountry of South Carolina. The Photography Club of Beaufort is proud to have been asked by Lydia Inglett Publishing to contribute all the photos in the book.


We believe the final product showcases our work and complements the text by Ryan Copeland. I would not hesitate entering into another partnership with this publishing company that produced such an attractive book that people are drawn to and want to own or give as a gift."


Joan Eckhardt

Past President, Photography Club of Beaufort

“Then there is the person who put all this together, Lydia Inglett. An enormously talented woman with a resume of unparalleled excellence, she is a whiz at layout and design with many books and other projects to her credit. I am extremely fortunate to have her services and extend my greatest appreciation to someone I consider a true friend.”


John Orrelle

The Art of a Sporting Life,
The Wildlife Art of David Hagerbaumer

"In choosing a publisher … we selected Lydia Inglett Ltd., for several reasons. She had recently published two books by artists we knew, and both gave her glowing recommendations. In addition, Lydia has the ultimate personal touch; now that the book is finished, I cannot imagine having done it with anyone else. Lydia led us step-by-step to a successful book.”


Bonnie Driggers, Editor
American Botanical Paintings,
Plants of the Mid-Atlantic

“My clients at Memory Matters, a non-profit organization that serves people affected by dementia, came to me with a fundraising idea to publish a book as a way to ‘give back’ to Memory Matters. They wanted to publish a book of poetry similar to the cookbooks published by churches with the large red spiral binders. If truth be told, I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea.


But then I contacted Lydia Inglett Publishing and was absolutely sold on her concept. It was something our organization could be truly proud of—a beautiful, hardcover book of poems, art, photography and essays.


Lydia made the entire process stress-free and the end result is simply a masterpiece. It actually won an award right after publication. And as a fundraising tool, it has an unlimited shelf life! In my 12 years as executive director at Memory Matters, our book Meet Me Where I Am is one of our proudest accomplishments!”


Edwina Hoyle, former Executive Director of Memory Matters

Meet Me Where I Am

“Lydia Inglett Publishing designed a work of art from my manuscript and photos. My book won two awards within the first year!”


Jerry Marterer, Author
Paris 201

"My heartfelt appreciation goes to Lydia Inglett for her outstanding talent, and her steady, gentle voice of sound guidance throughout the production of my book. Her attention to detail and design was extraordinary, producing a book of the highest quality.


Everything about the publishing experience far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Lydia Inglett Publishing to anyone."


Pat Branning

Shrimp, Collards & Grits


"Working with Lydia Inglett Publishing was a pleasure. Goin' Down the River was my first book, and while I'm able to write and photograph well, I didn't know a hoot about how to design or publish a book. I might never have published my book if I had not become aware of Lydia Inglett Publishing.


Lydia virtually took my hand and walked beside me through the entire publishing process, and promotion of the book. Her support of her authors is exceptional.


She understands and respects that creating a book is a personal journey for an author, and she treats her work as such."



Janet Garrity

Author and photographer
Goin’ Down The River

“The idea of publishing a book many times is a dream and wishful thinking. As we all know, even dreams have to be practical and guidance is necessary to be successful.


Lydia Inglett Publishing came to us by way of personal reference and praise for the high quality of work produced. The quality of work was very important because our book was a book of photographs and prose.”


“We were not disappointed. It was a joy to work with Lydia. She led us smoothly through the entire process and a beautiful book was the dream come true.”


Margie Tolly and Marci Tressell, Authors
Reflections, Exploring Coastal Carolina

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